When Dirkmarine builds houseboats, we love architectural challenges from our customers.

The floating show home by Dirkmarine had the aim to show all a developers interested customers exactly how their home would look when it was completed. It is a very tall and amazing houseboat. And the homes where going to look just like the show home. Three floors and very narrow.

The development of the area had not started at the time we build the show home. It was only drawings from the architects. They reason why they chose to build it floating was that the whole area where these houses were being build, was going to become a huge area, all connected by waterways. So when customers went into the floating show home, and looked right out on the water it was very easy for them to imagine, how the homes eventually would look. And how great the view and surroundings would be.

For this project the size of the concrete HUBB® was 18 meters long and 8.5 meters wide, and the building was 11 meters high (above water level).

After all the homes had been sold the show home was used by the developer, as an office.

We have many developers who ask us to build a show home for them.