We design and custom build any turnkey floating home

all by Dirkmarine/House on Water Ltd.

Everything we design and construct floats on water. We design and custom build turnkey products. A floating homes, a restaurants,  a showrooms, an office,  etc.  We have build many places in the world, but our base is primarily in Copenhagen and London. Wherever we build we set up the facilities that are necessary to start up and finish a production.

Dirkmarine has been designing and constructing for more than 15 years. Everything we build floats,  when we begin a new project for example for a floating home it is from the very beginning designed to fulfill this purpose. All our productions have modern installations, such as under floor heating, spacious rooms, LED lighting, communications …. and they don’t smell of old ship.

We use our experience within naval architecture and marine engineering to build  foundations made of concrete rather than steel. A concrete hull doesn’t rust or require any maintenance. It has 100 years design life and is very environmental friendly. Everything we build is 100 percent custom designed.

The interior in most of the homes we have build have a typical Scandinavian style.  One of our focus points when designing a home with a client is combining the indoor and outdoor area. The view is a part of the interior decoration. Sliding windows in all four corners of the house means that depending on where the wind is, it is possible to open and close doors in order to ventilate the rooms. We need no energy consuming air condition, and during wintertime we heat the house by a heat pump system extracting heat from the surrounding water.

The surrounding waters where we live is clean. When we wake up in the morning we take a swim right outside our windows. We exercise by paddling our kayak’s, and friends visit us by boat. We fish and swim with the children, and watch the baby swans swimming by. And when we need to go shopping or to the cinema we use our second car - our speedboat!

Living on the water is very popular in Denmark, but as many other places it is hard to find a mooring. As this is such an appealing lifestyle, many more would be living like this, should there be more moorings available.


Our heritage

Jesper Dirk Andersen is Director and owner of Dirkmarine, which was founded in 1995.

After years of experience from B&W, Øresund Tunnel Contractors and Dwinger Marine Consult we in 2000 started specializing in buildings floating on water. This is when the houseboat hull in concrete "HUBB" was registered and protected as a trademark.  At this time we defined the rules that the Maritime Administration in Denmark used for the approval of concrete hulls - These are still the strictest in Europe in 2015.

Today we mainly build high quality, custom designed turnkey products. We build worldwide - and it is important for us to use local labour and local production materials. We have during the last 15 years been producing in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UK. Our network and experience is therefore extensive.