Dirkmarine/House on Water Ltd. - history and references

Dirkmarine/House on Water Ltd has for the last 15 years been producing a large variety of turnkey homes, offices, restaurants, stages etc. - all floating on our concrete hull HUBB®. Our technology is engineered and approved by the strictest maritime authorities in Scandinavia. For 15 years our track record has been faultless. The concrete hull has 100 years maintenance free design life and is made to resist saltwater and very cold and hard weather conditions.

All our products are custom designed. We always custom design all our hulls so the superstructures dimensions and weight fit the concrete hull. We have en extensive knowledge on which type of architecture is convenient, when being moored. We work with different architects and are very open towards new ideas.

We have an ongoing production in the UK and have been producing for London customers the last 5 years.

During the last 15 years, we have always been introducing new innovative solutions. We always build to building regulations, and in order to optimize the energy efficiency, we focus on all materials that helps improve this. On our latest showroom we put in a heat pump. We use the river/seawater, run it through a heat pump, and generate the underfloor heating and all the warm water needed on a floating home.

Today we focus on affordable housing and student accommodation. We think the rivers should be used for giving everybody a special living experience.


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