The UK houseboat Victory is build south of London and moored in Chelsea London. It has 255 m2 living area and 50 m2 terraces. It is a luxury houseboat with many features and comfort for inspired and easy living. The houseboat has two floors  and two lovely terasses facing the river. Everything is custom designed according to the customers wishes. Many special features have been put into this houseboat.

We have build the houseboat on a steel hull. The length of the houseboat is app. 27 meters and the width is app 6  m.

The houseboats we build always follow the building regulations. We make sure that even when it gets below minus 10 degrees it still can be warmed up to the needed temperature.

The cladding on the houseboat is mahogoni and painted weather boards. These surfaces are very easy to maintain and will keep the houseboat looking good for many years. It is equipped with technique and tanks making it independent of location.

This size of houseboat is perfect for a big family and many guests. It is also very suitable as an office, with meeting facilities.   The fact that a houseboat is placed on water makes it easy for the owners to enjoy different types of watersports.

Many families that have a houseboat choose to have a little speedboat moored at the side of the houseboat. This makes it possible to go shopping, go out for dinner or do many other nice things using your speedboat as transportation method.